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Did You Do All You Could To Prevent A Water Line Repair...and You Still Need Help?

What is the water main?

Your water main is the way that your home connects to the public water supply.  Or put another way, the water that is provided from your city connects to your water main which then distributes the water supply throughout your house. Now you can determine what kind of water line repair you need. We do work for homes all over of New Jersey.

Are Your Pipes Old?

It is crucial that you check your water for leaks or any other kinds of weaknesses that can occur on a regular basis. In the long run, this can save you from paying huge expenses in the future. We are always telling clients that in many cases replacement of your water line is a good option as well. This helpful piece is about repairing a water line.

Keep Track Of Your Water Usage.

Look for unexplained increases in water usage. If you see this, it is likely caused by a slow leak that is causing you to need more water from your city to make up for the lost water from the leak. Keep in mind that a leak can take months or years to manifest itself into a major bill.

Avoid Deep Digging If At All Possible

We are always finding out that clients have damaged a water main because of some digging that they did in their front yard. Many times the client doesn't even know they caused a leak.  

A Once in A Lifetime Occurrence

Look for loss of pressure. Replacing your water line can be prevented if you do some strategic maintenance. The red flag is your water pressure. If you think there is a significant loss of pressure call us for a quick check of your water line. This has the potential to save you thousands of dollars! 

Find A Reputable Water Main and Sewer Contractor

Young's Water and Sewer is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ Rating. We also have dozens of 5 Star testimonials live on Google...some of which can be found on this page. Learn a lot more about a water line repair and call 732-872-7624.

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Water Main Leaks

It is normal for you to realize you have a water line leak after seeing a stream of water outside your house, after noticing low water pressure. There are some important things to consider in deciding if your pipe is leaking;location of the leak and if the leak is from your pipe or a surrounding neighbors. So...



What Goes Into Determining Cost?

There are several factors used when estimating the cost of a copper water or PVC line replacement.  The primary factors used are:

  • The dimension of the new pipe
  • How far the house is to the city water main
  • When the city roadway was last paved
  • If you require a new tap installation.

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Repairing a water main usually needs less trenching than a sewer line would but still does require tunnels to be made in the ground.

Once the tunnels are completed, the copper pipe is pulled from one hole, to the next. 



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