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Young's Water and Sewer provides the highest quality of sewer repair services for Monmouth County, NJ and the surrounding  counties. We provide all types of sewer repair services and can find your obstructions with our electronic equipment.

Emergency Sewer Line Replacement

Nothing can make a homeowner's life more terrifying than a sewer problem. Problems with your sewer can make life extremely difficult for you, and the only way to prevent these problems from occurring  is to fix the issues BEFORE they occur. But help is here! Young's Water and Sewer has 25 years of experience dealing with a sewer line replacement and quandaries of all kinds. If you need your sewer line repaired, cleaned or a new sewer line installed, the underground excavation specialists at Young's will be the answer to all of your sewer crises. To read up a little more on replacing your sewer lines go here

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24 Hours a day and all weekend long, if you're having an issue with your sewers, give Young's a call. With the best trained technicians in New Jersey, we make use of state-of-the-art equipment in order to get the job done correctly.  Learn more...CALL 732-872-7624.

Sewer problems can be caused by:

Cracked, shattered, rusted or disintegrated pipe caused by soil moving, frozen ground, settling or deterioration.

Blockage obstructing proper flow caused by objects or grease build up.

Tree roots: Trees relentlessly look for nutrients in your sewer line, finding weak spots to overrun them.

Cheap, poor-quality pipe made of substandard material.

Leaking joints: The areas where the pipes are connected have broken, which allows water to escape.

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Repairing Sewer Lines

Not only will you experience honest, transparent conversation about the sewer services we offer, but you'll also love the FANTASTIC value that you'll come into when contracting our sewer services. 


Repairing Water Lines

When your sewer or drain clogs, Young's Water and Sewer has decades of experience  servicing any emergency stoppage. We use electric-powered sewer cables to clear clogs from kitchens and baths to main sewer lines and storm drains.

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Cleaning and Snaking

Young's Water and Sewer has a team of indoor and outdoor plumbing veterans that are ready to fix, replace, put in or service your sewer, water, and drain lines.  No sewer line replacement is too large. We fix any problems for homes and businesses alike!



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